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About GPL

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Laura had been working long hours and had very limited time available to spend with her family, especially her kids. 

Throughout the years, and the high demand of attention her kids needed, Laura decided to take charge of her own time and decided to leave her former employer and create a new business: GPL Cleaning Services.

When Laura first launched her company, she would go from house to house delivering business cards, doing whatever possible in order to get her business to grow. When she finally got her first house, she couldn't believe it. She wanted to provide a service that was more than just that. She wanted to create an experience, she wanted people to come home and feel good.


Throughout the years, Laura and now her husband Luciano has been able to build some great relationship with all her customers. Through cleaning, personalization, and getting to know each person individually, many would agree that GPL is more than just a business. 

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GPL white Logo.png
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